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May 20, 2013

Senior Banquet Invitations

Every year our church does a HUGE, crazy-over-the-top themed banquet for our graduating high school seniors. Seriously, it is unbelievable. This year we had eight kids being honored, and I was asked to send them each a "formal" invitation to the event. It's so top-secret that I wasn't even told the theme—just that the invitations didn't have to match it in any way, so there was total creative freedom. They also had to be produced in about two days, so working with materials I had on hand, and trying to keep it somewhat gender-neutral, this is what those eight grads received in the mail: 

My talented friend Molly of Paisley Quill recently used one of my favorite fonts, Peony, on this upward angle and I loved the effect. The light yellow-green paper combined with the navy and the argyle envelope liner resulted in something slightly whimsical, slightly preppy, and (I thought) kind of cool.

And they also got my current fave dark-envelope-addressing treatment:  

Congrats to all eight of you! Not that a single one is reading a wedding invitation-type blog quite yet...


May 10, 2013

Shabby Chic Baby Shower Accessories

Hello! And for your daily dose of "things I didn't ask," let me say, taking over Salutations has been my first real foray into blogging, and for someone who talks AND writes as much as I do, and spends so much time sitting at the computer, it's blown my mind to discover I'm so bad at it. I really thought blogging would be this very natural thing, but it's so not. It's the photos. I truly hate staging and shooting still photos, and even more all the uploading, processing, selecting, editing, sizing, and finally posting. So much work that I just can't seem to sit down and do. Anyway—all that to say, here's a new post—two months later.

As you may have read, after finishing Courtney's shower invitations we went right to work on the accessories. Her mom, Diane, was putting together a candy bar and needed signs for that; there were also wayfinding signs, centerpiece signs, table numbers, and place cards for 70 guests. We used the same gorgeous papers from the invitations throughout, as well as the chocolate brown tulle, giving everything an elegant and cohesive look, of course with that shabby chic style. 

And I'm guessing at the end of the day, everyone went home with pockets full of pink and white treats. :) 

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Mar 27, 2013

Shabby Chic Baby Shower Invites

You may remember Courtney's Bay Harbor Yacht Club wedding from past mention on the blog... I did her accessories a few years ago and we've stayed in touch ever since. Now she's expecting a baby girl and I recently completed shower invitations to fit with the Shabby Chic theme her mom, Diane, is working SO hard to put together.

Diane really wanted a tactile, 3D element incorporated with the invitations, so we decided on chocolate brown tulle wrapped around a GORGEOUS thick, textured floral stock. The shower centerpieces are going to be surrounded in miniature tutus as well, so I thought this was a cute nod to something guests will see that day.

The pale pink shimmer stock used for the top layer coordinated perfectly, and we used it for the envelopes as well, which were printed to match. I love how these invitations scream "baby girl" but are still so romantic and sophisticated—not sacrificing style in the name of baby.

At the moment I'm working on lots of little signs and accessories for the shower, so look for those soon!

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Jan 27, 2013

2012 Christmas Cards

This was my fourth Christmas as a mom, and each one I've been a little too over-the-top obsessed with our Christmas card. Probably due to the ever-evolving personalities of my kids, I've loved each subsequent card more than the previousand 2012 is hands-down my favorite yet.

I saw a concept similar to this on a template card website and knew right away we HAD to recreate it. Because my kids are crazy, and okay, on probation on a good day. The idea was so perfectly suited to where we are in life right now. When I suggested it to my husband, he cracked up—and that there's the anwer, right?—so I set up the artwork and left spots for the pictures, crossing my fingers and toes the boys would cooperate enough to give us something decent. And somehow they magically rewarded me with these perfect, PERFECT, full-of-life-and-personality shots where they look as cute as can be, but still have STINKER written all over their faces. You can see it, right? I texted Justin a picture of the finished artwork, and after 10 minutes he responded, "I cannot stop looking at this. It is"

A few details before you go on your way... these were printed on Crane's Digital Lettra, a newer product that I completely love. Soft, cottony, full of texture—all the best qualities of fine letterpress paper, at the cost and ease of digital printing. Genius. (Although these pictures are a little contrast-y due to the fact that it was midnight=no natural light... printing on this stock is much softer in person). Then we did a little family letter on coordinating card stock and duplexed it on the back to give the whole thing a little more dimension and weight. Rounded corners finished them off.

Already wondering what we'll do next year...

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Dec 29, 2012

Merry Christmas... a few days late!

We've been busy celebrating and being incredibly lazy these last few days, so please excuse this belated Merry Christmas. Hope you've been able to enjoy this time with those you love best... I'll be back soon to post our 2012 family card, which I have to say is my favorite one yet. It cracks me up! Stay tuned!