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Nov 8, 2013

Heather and Dan's Gray + Peach Fall Wedding Invitations

Heather and Dan were married in October in nearby Lake Orion, Michigan... a beautiful location at any time of year, but particularly in the fall. When we first started talking, Heather knew she wanted something non-traditional and a little rustic. We used two shades of matte gray stock for the cards and envelopes, and then added a feminine touch with shimmery paisley envelope liners and as a flushmount backing on the invitation.

To save a bit on the cost, Heather opted to combine a timeline and accomodations card into one, which conveyed all the important details her guests would need to know.

For the wedding day, we also did menus, programs, place cards for the bridal party, and a gorgeous seating chart. 

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Oct 20, 2013

Rochester College Presidential Inauguration Invitations

My alma mater gained a new president this year, and commissioned me to create some invitations befitting the occasion. We letterpressed charcoal and crimson ink on soft cotton stock with matching envelopes and I really loved the result.

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Sep 26, 2013

Kibo Group Letterpress Cards

Kibo Group International is an organization my husband and I love and support, and I am so thrilled today to be able to show you this card and share its story. Dreamed up on the highest peak in Africa in 1998, buoyed by the training and employment of able and hard-working locals, and now run, in part, by one of the very dearest people in my life, Kibo is dedicated to working with communities in East Africa to reach their full potential, tackling poverty and injustice at the source. The mission of this group is compelling and I encourage you to check out their site to learn more.

Anyway, to bring it back to Saluations—a cool side story is that the Source Cafe in Uganda is actually home to an old letterpress printing press that was found broken down somewhere in Africa and hauled back for repair. Just a pet project for some of the staff there, but it forged a connection several years ago when I first met the then-country director, an American who was home on furlough and wanted to learn more about the craft of letterpress (and hopefully figure out how to fix the one at the Source). Kind of cool.

In a roundabout way, we then decided to make some letterpress notecards for Kibo. I can't take too much credit, because all we did is print the existing logo on French Paper White Muscletone and pair it with kraft enevelopes. But I did set up the print dies, and I do want to spread the word about this great ministry, so I'm blogging about it anyway. And plus—that impression! Someone could get lost in there.

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Jul 16, 2013

Salutations Featured on Jennifer Grant Photo

I'm a little late in sharing this, but a HUGE thanks to the lovely Jennifer Grant for the recent blog feature! Check it out (click blog title or image), and while you're there, have a look at all her other beautiful work as well.

Have a great day. :)


Jun 5, 2013

Wellers Carriage House Vintage Invitations

Let me just start by saying Olivia's invitations are the first ones that make me feel old—because Our families go wayyy way back, and she has grown into, truly, one of the most beautiful and stylish people I know. I loved the vintage floral direction she wanted to go with her wedding and invitations, and Wellers is the perfect venue for it. Here's what her guests found waiting in their mailboxes:

Everything was printed on a slightly textured eggshell-colored stock that almost had a letterpress-cotton-esque finish. We used the coordinating floral stock to back the invitation, adding a little extra style and heft, as well as for envelope liners (when I first showed the paper to Olivia, she instantly yelled "I LOVE IT! I want it as wallpaper!"). Then everything was tied up with personalized vellum tags and satin ribbon. 

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