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Jun 5, 2013

Wellers Carriage House Vintage Invitations

Let me just start by saying Olivia's invitations are the first ones that make me feel old—because Our families go wayyy way back, and she has grown into, truly, one of the most beautiful and stylish people I know. I loved the vintage floral direction she wanted to go with her wedding and invitations, and Wellers is the perfect venue for it. Here's what her guests found waiting in their mailboxes:

Everything was printed on a slightly textured eggshell-colored stock that almost had a letterpress-cotton-esque finish. We used the coordinating floral stock to back the invitation, adding a little extra style and heft, as well as for envelope liners (when I first showed the paper to Olivia, she instantly yelled "I LOVE IT! I want it as wallpaper!"). Then everything was tied up with personalized vellum tags and satin ribbon. 

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