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Sep 15, 2012

Elegant Accessory Set

Courtney contacted me looking for wedding day accessories for her wedding at the Bay Harbor Yacht Club—which I've already mentioned is one of my favorite places on earth—so I was excited to collaborate with her right off the bat. As it turned out, she was also easily, the most organized, on-top-of-things bride I've ever worked with, which was awesome and SO helpful being that we were working with a fairly short timeline.

Courtney was using a lot of mixed metals in her decorations, and came to me with tons of ideas and inspiration. After a night of chatting at Starbucks, we'd decided on personalized programs tucked into a pocket along with a note of thanks and a wish-you-well card for guests to fill out at the reception. We also did menus and a seating chart, and a few additional small signs.

The biggest part of the project, and the one which really brought the "wow" factor for the guests, were the personalized escort cards. Courtney had seen something similar online, with oversized cards tucked into chivari chairs, and we decided to take the idea ever further by die cutting the cards, slitting each one twice, and threading them with 2" wide satin ribbon to tie to the chairs. These were a lot of work, but turned out to be GORGEOUS details in the ballroom of the Yacht Club!