Welcome to Salutations! From its beginning as a paper store in downtown Northville, Michigan, through ownership changes along the way, it's evolved into a full-service, custom-invitations-and-everything-that-goes-along-with-them haven for all the extraordinary events in your life.

I'm Casey—a designer who is crazy about paper, color, and finding a little beauty in everything. My love of stationery goes back to somewhere around age 10, trying to find the perfect notecards to mail out to my new friends from summer camp. In the years since, I've spent vacations seeking out vintage postcards, stationery sets, and handmade papers everywhere from northern Michigan to Charleston, Columbus, Seattle and Orlando, and even throughout Europe—and somewhere along the way I realized my experience as a designer could actually translate into creating these custom paperworks that had long held my obsession. Fast forward to today—and I love every minute of it.

When I'm not knee-deep in paper or designing late into the night, you can usually find me cooking, reading, or doing something to redecorate my home. I love to be with my friends and family, who put up with me even though at some point I've forced most of them to wait (im)patiently outside all those paper stores. I'm crazy about my husband, and would rather be somewhere with him in the sun, sand and water than just about anywhere else. To date, my best productions are the two little guys who call me mom.